Paisley Stitch

Souvenirs - Linen Trade - Specialization In Silk - Handmade Embroidery Acharnes Attica


Our professional course started in 1990 in Greece and was active in the field of tourism, having as its main concern the quality, the reliability but also the consistency towards its customers. We choose to import the most unique and special pieces from distant Kashmir and India which are made by hand with wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, fine merino and modal, our own designs exclusively for you.

Something created by hand is more valuable than any other object created with the machines of a factory. We have a wide selection of craft items such as pillows, wall mounts, scarves, shawls, kaftans, embroidery, bath mats and more. We always develop a long-term relationship with our customers, based on trust. There is a possibility for special orders with your own designs and sizes exclusively for you.